2006_04_15_jpsgawk.jpgThis morning we woke up not at all surprised to see Jared Paul Stern still flagellating himself over at Gawker. But to be honest, we were getting kind of bored with the whole thing. The best part of JPS's first post was his last line and the first comment: "And, just in case you were wondering, yes I can tell who's really posting the Comments. I am, after all, the Editor." Followed by Nick Denton commenting "Um, actually, commenters are anonymous, if they want to be. I am, after all, the publisher." We read that, laughed and went to eat an Easter meal with our family. When we got back a few hours later those two lines were gone, and Gawker went a little cray-cray.

To start, a commenter posted something regarding the sexual preferences of JPS and his wife in their college years at Bennington. Whatever, right? We had the same thing in our comments yesterday (along with other such juicy bits from an alleged college peer as "We knew you back when ... *you fantasized about being Brett Easton Ellis (Bennington '85) and decided to adopt three names in his honor; * you read Bright Lights, Big City and resolved to be a modelizer who's obsessed with the Post;). The claims:

would seem rather baseless, accept that JPS started deleting all the comments. But, being bloggy little bitches with nothing better to do on Easter Sunday, we all just kept reposting them. So JPS started to edit the comments.

I originally posted: "It seems someone is "in panic mode, and running out of clean pants." Which, I'm sure, has nothing to do with him sucking cock."

A few minutes later, it magically changed to "It seems someone is "in panic mode, and running out of clean pants." Which, I'm sure, has nothing to do with Mac McCarthy sucking cock."

Which totally doesn't bother me, since we all know I'm a avid cocksucker.

So y'all just keep that in mind as we bring you our continued coverage of "Gawking at Jared Paul Stern's Gawker™":

POST 8: The comment-editing insanity continues in the comments for this post in which JPS tries to take aim at the Times. We'd like to point out that you lose a bit of credibility when fingering the Gray Lady if can't tell apart your Sulzbergers ("Pinch, Punch, whatever your name is - you got some ‘splaining to do."). It's not hard J.

POST 9: JP takes the real estate porn route and shows three lame photos of a grocers house in california. Oh, and one photo of Bill Clinton.

POST 10: BLIND ITEMS! We love these things! Oh, yeah. Forgot we were dealing with JPS for a second. We just can't care anymore.

POST 11: Another paltry roundup of Burkle coverage. We kind of hope this is Stern's last post of the weekend though as the last line is perfect:

"In other news, my dog once took a crap."

POST 12: There went that idea. Another pretty picture of a mansion and further implications that Anthony Pellicano is deeply involved with Burkle. Which could be interesting. But as far as we can tell, JPS still tried to extort Burkle for over a hundred grand.

POST 13: And thats a wrap. JPS has left the Gawker.

Final verdict? Awesome. Insane. Retarded. We hope this starts a trend.