As many good ideas gets a second act, The Hipster Handbook author (and Free Williamsburg creator/editor) Robert Lanham decided to go beyond our fray and tackle a wider spectrum of Americans to examine and dissect. In Food Court Druids, Cherohonkees and Other Creatures Unique to the Republic, readers will finally realize that there are names (or "Idio Types") for: Heterosexuals who flirt with homosexuals; folks who love wearing holiday sweaters; and people who use their kids as their excuse for being more conservative. And you can even suggest other Idio Types at the website. Gothamist has been finding Food Court Druids... especially helpful here in New York City during the tourist season. We highly recommend it as a stocking stuffer, but if you want to make sure your giftees get good use of it, give it as a Hanukkah gift.

Buy Food Court Druids, Cherohonkees, and Other Creatures at Amazon. And the Washington Post went to the Times Square Red Lobster with Lanham, who reveals he's trying to coming up with a name for "women who hate pretty girls."