Last night, the MTV Video Music Awards returned to New York City with its usual mix of spectacle and a heavy dose of nostalgia (mostly Michael Jackson-related, with a remembrance from Madonna, then a performance of Scream by Janet Jackson). However, the whole thing was upstaged by Kanye West's antics—the rapper decided to storm the stage when Taylor Swift was the surprise winner for Best Female Video with her song "You Belong With Me." He took the microphone from the 19-year-old to declare Beyonce's "Single Ladies" "one of the best videos of all time." Here's video:

West was booed by the audience—while Swift looked confused—and he was asked to leave (possibly for his own safety—security had to keep Pink from him!). Apparently Swift and her mother were crying backstage. Gawker declared Kanye "a dick" and Cajun Boy at Animal New York decided, "The thought did occur to me that this whole thing might just be another of the many VMA pranks we’ve seen over the years, but this just seems too bizarre to be a hoax, and Kanye West is enough of an asshole to do something like this, so yeah, it all makes perfect sense."

Swift did manage to perform in the subway and on the city streets later (she actually took the F train from 42nd Street to 47th-50th, leaving the station via an emergency exit —yes, the alarm went off—video after the jump). And when Beyonce won Video of the Year for "Single Ladies," she remembered her first VMA nomination, "It was one of the most exciting moments in my life, so I'd like for Taylor to come out and have her moment." The two embraced and Swift said, "Maybe we can try this again." (Video after the jump.)

Kanye, who said that he had a little "sippy sippy" before the show, apologized on his website, adding, "I'M NOT CRAZY YALL, I'M JUST REAL."

Taylor Swift sings on the F train:

Beyonce welcomes Taylor Swift onstage: