David Hinckley in the NY Daily News complains that the American Film Institute list of the 100 Top Movie Songs is no fun because it's actually not a bad list. Gothamist would almost agree, except for the lack of songs from South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut. We feel that Come What May from Moulin Rouge (who sings that? who cares?) is just an addition to please the public (that way you can get Nicole Kidman on the show), but let's be honest here: No one is humming "I will love you until my daying day," but they are singing, "Kyle's Mom is a Big Fat Bitch" or "What Would Brian Boitano Do" or "Unclef*cker" or "Blame Canada." So, lists like this are still very crack-like because they are addictive, but they can be very bad too.

NY movies (perhaps not filmed here, but definitely NY-themed) whose songs made it on the list: Shaft (Theme song), On The Town (New York, New York), Annie Hall (Seems Like Old Times), Working Girl (Let the River Run), Saturday Night Fever (Stayin' Alive), The Way We Were (The Way We Were), West Side Story (Tonight; America), Breakfast at Tiffany's (Moon River), Midnight Cowboy (Everybody's Talking), New York, New York (Theme song), Do the Right Thing (Fight the Power), When Harry Met Sally (It Had To Be You), Arthur (Arthur's theme/ Best You Can Do), 42nd Street (42nd Street). Hey...where's Get Into the Groove? And a movie musical (kinda) to look forward to is De-Lovely, which will feature modern singers belting out Cole Porter tunes (and Gothamist would like to say once again, damn, does Robbie Williams look old - he looks about 10-15 older than he really is).