Gothamist loves it some street art. It really signifies one part of NY that intrigues us, it's temporary and colorful and pretty much everywhere. The colors splashed on walls brings life to dead cement and brings art to us even as we stroll down an unsuspecting sidewalk. Each piece has a story, a person behind it and that's part of what art is all about. The personality. The personal. Or maybe it's just because we watched Breakin' and Beat Street a lot when we were little, two movies that this type of art decorated the background of.

Plus, you know, street art is like, free. So 5 Pointz: The Institute of Higher Burnin' is our idea of a great museum. It's outside, its walls are covered and you can see it all from the 7 train. Urban artwork is displayed on tons of concrete giving everyone interested a chance to participate and everyone else a chance to see grafitti as more than vandalism. Jonathan Cohen (tag name Meres) founded the 5 Pointz and hopes to have it drenched with aerosol art someday soon. No one is denied a spot on the building so we're sure Cohen will see this goal fulfilled in no time. The one rule however: no tagging. Tagging is not artistic, nor meant to be an art form.

More on this project in Sundays Times // More images here

5 Pointz is located just off Jackson Avenue and Crane St., in Long Island City, Queens.