The only working deskchair at Gothamist's super-secret downtown headquarters mysteriously self-destructed at precisely 11:30am EST yesterday. While the investigation continues, there are no leads. Kartell, the company that created the chair, has indicated that they only do repairs at their Munich factory, and suggested that we simply buy another one, as the freight alone would be "much more than $500." We were fools to trust the Europeans!

The prohibitive price for repair led us to look for a new chair. Last time we checked, Aeron chairs were retailing on Craigslist for about $450, including delivery. No more! The current price is a solid $600, with extra for UPS. Clearly, a new technology bubble has begun. While we have not run a regression, the chart above makes the point: technology stocks move in the same direction as Aeron chair prices. For our part, we have decided to continue sitting on a milk crate and plow our money into the market. The hardest part is deciding whether to invest in Gawker Media or Weblogsinc. Quick: get Henry Blodget on the line!