The slow destruction of Roseland Ballroom and everything good in this city is still underway. The latest demolition porn from West 52nd Street comes from up above—someone in a nearby high rise sent this photo to Vanishing NY, showing the roofless structure fully gutted. Roseland had been at this location since the late 1950s, but the building itself had been around since the 1920s—at one time it housed a rollerskating rink.

Here it is, a bird's eye view of the cultural destruction of NYC. If you zoom in you can see Bloomberg and a crowd of Russian oligarchs skipping around a maypole!

John Ford/Vanishing NY

Don't worry, this eyesore isn't long for this world, soon it will be replaced with one of those bright, shiny condominiums that Manhattan so sorely lacks.

Update: here's a new photo showing the ruins in yesterday's beautiful snowfall:

Photo by Jake Weinstein