2007_02_arts_grenier.jpgHe may be best known for this role in Entourage, but Adrian Grenier wears a lot of other hats. Filmmaker, musician and New Yorker are amongst those. He bought a house in Clinton Hill a couple of years ago, insulated it with recycled denim and installed photovoltaic panels (so add environmentalist to the above list, as well). Last weekend we asked the multifaceted Grenier some questions.

Name, Occupation: Adrian Grenier, _________

Favorite place to have a drink with friends in New York?
My house. I'm a home body.

Favorite venue (to play and to see bands) in New York?
So far the Bowery Ballroom, but I've yet to play Madison Square Garden, so that may change.

First conscious memory of living here?
In a baby strolller, CPW, The Museum of Natural History.

When you're in LA, what do you find you miss most about the city?
I'm usually content where I am, but I do miss public transportation

How's the music scene out in LA?
I always manage to see good bands out in LA. Good music is everywhere, if you make the effort to seek it out. Besides there is an Amoeba Music store out there, I love that place.

What was your experience like at LaGuardia High School?
Like high school with tights.

You once said that you were "in Williamsburg before Williamsburg was Williamsburg". What do you feel about the neighborhood now?
Yea, Williamsburg is so passe. I just go there to get my t-shirts.

You recently showed your short film Euthanasia at the Brooklyn Lyceum, did you enjoy the experience of making a short?
I am mostly happy with Euthanasia, but typically i am not completely satisfied. I'm just taking my lessons learned with me on my next project. A feature about a vigilante in NY.

Shot in the Dark is another, much more personal film/documentary, you've created. How did go about this? Is it hard to share such a personal part of yourself with the world?
I haven't quite shared it yet, not untill it airs June 8th on HBO. I am nervous but feel confidant in HBO not to exploit the movie. They get it, they know and respect how personal the project is to me. they take good care of me. But at the end of the day, I am an actor and somewhat used to being vulnerable in film.

What's new with The Honey Brothers? Do you ever want to stretch your musical arms and get out from behind the drum set (according to the ever so resourceful Wikipedia, you also play french horn, guitar and piano)?
I embrace all the misinformation about me on the internet, I also clone horses in a small science lab in Dumbo. You should come to our show sometime, i do play guitar and sing on a few songs, but we are a very democratic band, if you write em', you sing em'; unfortunately I have been too busy to write much these days. But I declare that will change.

Have you ever hosted SNL? If you could pick the musical guest for the night you hosted, who would it be?
I think The Honey Brothers would kill SNL.

And finally, what bands/musicians have you been listening to a lot lately?
I just saw Of Montreal the other day. They are my fav' these days.

Photo via MSNBC.