The beluga whales at Mystic Aquarium have done a lot of adorable things over the years, especially when they're being serenaded by mariachi bands or bagpipers. They continued their cute streak in the newly-uploaded clip below, in which 11-foot Juno thoroughly entertains a group of tiny humans. There sure is nothing as delightful as the delightful screams of delighted children.

The only slight problem? We're not sure if it really was just "playing." Mom Michelle Cotton, who took the video, insists that the whale was 'teasing" her kids. The Daily News calls it a game, saying Juno was "pretending to be a ghost, and says 'Boo.'"

But, as many commenters pointed out, that "boo" could just as likely be a blood-curdling war cry. As one person writes, Juno appears to be "completely stressed and that is a very aggressive gesture toward the head of an enemy." Another person posits that Juno may have actually wanted to eat the children.

Then again, judging by the many videos online, Juno plays around with a lot of people (mostly kids) without resorting to war cries, and has seemingly learned how to get a reaction out of them. Either way, the video is still pretty adorable thanks to the kids... even if we're starting to get the distinct feeling that Juno might be a real life Bender.