Brooklyn's biggest baby—at 242 pounds and counting!—is doing well after traveling from Alaska last week. Mitik, a Pacific walrus calf who was orphaned off the Alaskan Coast, is at the New York Aquarium—and the Wildlife Conservation Society's staff and vets are giving him around-the-clock care!

Mitik, now only 16 weeks old, wasn't expected to survive when he was found in July. The Alaska SeaLife Center diagnosed him with a bladder infection, a high white blood cell count, and he was badly dehydrated. However, the little big guy has been a fighter. Now, at his new Coney Island home, the WCS says he's been "responding well to medications and is gaining as much as a half a pound each day. His last weigh-in put him at 242 pounds. He is bottle-fed every four hours." Awwww!

Jon Forrest Dohlin, WCS Vice President and Director of the New York Aquarium, said, "Our veterinarians report to us daily on Mitik's condition. We anticipate each health report of Mitik with hope and concern." Here's hoping on this adorable hipster's continued recovery!