Cue the awwws—this Saturday is the beloved Great PUPkin, the Halloween event that celebrates dogs wearing costumes and the humans brave enough to put their pooches in costumes—like a working water fountain, for a "Joe the Plumber" costume in 2008! This is the 15th annual Great PUPkin—and, disclosure, yours truly will be a judge.

The Great Pupkin is put on by Fort Greene Pups, the group for Fort Green Park dog owners. We asked Fort Greene Pups founder Kath Hansen what her favorite costumes are, "I guess I am a sucker for dogs dressed as food. Last year there was one dressed like a baked potato, I loved that one...simple yet effective! Over the past 15 years, I've seen dogs dressed as s'mores, pickles, sushi, hamburgers, a banana split, lobsters, hot dogs (of course), and spaghetti. Hell, I dressed my own dog in a meat dress (Lady Gaga)."

As for trends, Hansen said, "I've noticed over the years are team costumes, where the people (and their kids) dress up with their dogs in some sort of theme. Last year, we had a couple, their baby, and dog dress up as 'Breaking Bad' and also a couple and their two Frenchies spattered in fake blood as the shower scene from 'Psycho.' We've had people and their dogs dress in more family-friendly fare such as the characters from 'Wizard of Oz' as well as the entire cast of Pee-Wee's Playhouse. The winners last year were a couple, their baby, and adorable dog dressed as the Maurice Sendak characters from 'Where the Wild Things Are.'"

Check out some of the adorable costumes from last year's Great PUPkin. This year's Great PUPkin is on Saturday, October 26 (rain date is Sunday, October 27). Dogs in costume will compete for prizes; prizes are given for the most creative entrants. The other judges include photographer Christopher Franko and actress Rosie Perez. The contest time is noon sharp, with registration opening at 11:00 a.m. on the monument plaza in Fort Greene Park. The contest location will be at the bottom of the monument stairs. Suggested donation is $5.00 per dog.