[Update Below] Though Sunday afternoon's strange skywriting art project confused a lot of people, most of them were over it by Monday morning. But not all of them! Artist Kim Beck's stunt went and made one dependably angry Councilman, well, angry. Peter Vallone, Jr. (D-Queens)—hater of graffiti, unsightly security gates, pit bulls, homework and so much more—thought the whole thing was "plain stupid—no pun intended."

And why, oh, why, was Vallone so unimpressed with the slogans ("Last Chance" being the one the freaked people out the most) that Beck had written in the sky? Because it wasn't art, obvs. "The arts are supposed to generate conversation but not apprehension and fear," Vallone reportedly said yesterday. And yet here we are, talking about Beck's project without apprehension or fear. Crazy!

We reached out to Vallone's office to learn more about his theories on art, but have yet to hear back.

Update: After this post went live Public Safety chair Vallone called us up to clarify his position a little and to point out that he doesn't dislike everything ("Let's see, I like Gothamist, rock music, motorcycles..."). Anyway, about that skywriting? "I didn't say I don't like skywriting, I said I didn't like the message. I did think it was a plain stupid message." He argues that "last chance" is not something that is an appropriate thing to display in the skies above this city. "New York is the wrong place for a 'last chance' message."

Vallone cites concerns expressed by his constituents on his Facebook page to back him up. "People have to remember," he reminded us, "that it is easy to debate this two days later. It's a whole other thing to look up at the sky and see 'Last Chance' and have no idea it is art. Supposedly art. Two days later we can have a debate and nobody is scared."

Finally, we asked him if he thought there should be any rules about what can be written in the sky. "It's not something I've ever thought about before, but that's a good question," he told us before taking a long pause. "Of course as soon as I say 'we should take a look into that' you are going to write 'Vallone wants to censor skywriting' ... let's just say it is something that I've never thought about and I guess it could have been much worse than 'Last Chance.'