Rosie and Boy George; Photo - GettyGruner + Jahr, in its breach-of-contract trial against Rosie O'Donnell over their successful-then-sour magazine collaboration, blame Boy George for making Rosie gay up her look and magazine.

- "These are people that we were worried about and didn't want. From the very beginning, the magazine was supposed to appeal to young women and young mothers. I thought Rosie had some very dangerous ideas ... " - Susan Ungaro, who helped launch Rosie magazine and is the top editor at Family Circle, on Rosie's ideas about Mike Tyson, Cher, Madonna and Boy George as cover and/or feature subjects.

- "She went to London and Boy George tells her she is too suburban." - G+J attorney Marty Hyman.

Rosie's response? She found it "strange to hear my whole life would revolve around Boy George." Yes, didn't it revolve around Tom Cruise? Can we blame Tom for everything? If G+J's really did their research, they would know Boy George is a man without conviction, a man who doesn't know. But if Jesse McKinley's Times article is any indication about Rosie's drive for success, we except a performance of a showstopper from Taboo on the court steps.