This Saturday will mark one year since Adam "MCA" Yauch died at 47-years-old, following a three year battle with cancer. After his death, word spread that Squibb Park in Brooklyn Heights (where Yauch grew up) may be renamed for him, but Kathleen Hanna soon stopped that rumor. She announced that her husband, Ad-Rock, had "already begun working with the Parks Commissioner to fix up and rename State Street Park where Yauch actually played as a kid to Adam Yauch Park. It would be great to get people behind THIS idea as it won't hurt the Squibb family and it would be awesome to fix up the bball court there as a tribute." And so it shall be.

A source of the Brooklyn Heights Blog claims that the Palmetto Playground on State Street will officially be renamed the Adam Yauch Playground at a ceremony this Friday, and we've now confirmed that ourselves. Expect Yauch's fellow Beastie Boys to be in attendance, as well as Borough President Marty Markowitz.

And this Saturday, MCA Day will return to celebrate the life of Yauch. That will happen at Littlefield in Brooklyn, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. (invite here).