Adam Levine, frontman of Maroon 5, and thus performer of the 2012 hit single "One More Night" (which is still stuck in our head) was on The Tonight Show last night. Yes, another celebrity did something on the television. Sometimes the world is totally unpredictable, but other times the world is totally predictable—maybe there's some comfort in that?

Levine, dubbed a "gifted impressionist" by the equally gifted impressionist Jimmy Fallon, was challenged to a game of musical impressions. Classic Fallon content, but again, some of us find solace in this kind of predictability. If so, keep reading.

The segment is now available to view on your computer, and it's a fine way to spend a few moments this morning. Mornings used to be about eating cereal, or going for a run, or morning sex, or staying in bed a little longer to finish the next chapter of that book you love so much. But now mornings are for staring at screens. Screens that hold content. Screens that hold Adam Levine. Sit back and stare at this screen for the next five minutes. Then click on the ads.

Got four more minutes to kill? We got you covered.

Speaking of Maroon 5, they'll be playing Madison Square Garden on March 5th—tickets go on sale September 13th.