2005_06_crotchy.jpgYou can have Jenna Jamison in a big Vivid billboard in Times Square, but don't give Times Square a lady maybe-maybe-not touching a dude's special place! AdAge reports that "youth denim brand" Plugg's ad was rejected from a Times Square billboard, not to mention Teen People and Elle Girl. Boston Properties, which charges $50,000 per month for the placement, thought it was "too suggestive" and wanted changes. Van Wagner, the outdoor company who represents Boston Properties, said that Times Square businesses "welcome innovation, but they don’t welcome a return to pornography... and when a lady appears to be grabbing a young man’s crotch, that’s a little out there." That's right! Times Square wants less whores, more stores!

AdAge also said that Cosmo Girl took the ad after revisions and Jane magazine took the ad as is; Plugg's agency, M Media, has revised the ad by "[softening] the muscle definition in the male model’s chest, [raising] the waistline of the jeans on the male model a bit to cover the so-called GI Joe Muscle, which is apparently 'still forbidden territory to show'...and even changed the position of the couple." Love it!