Last week, Rosie O'Donnell revealed that she survived a "widowmaker" heart attack, brought on, she believes, by helping an "enormous woman" out of her car. The reports noted that the former talk show host had postponed her planned wedding to fiancee Michelle Rounds because Rounds was suffering from a very rare disease, but today O'Donnell revealed that she and Rounds got married earlier, before Rounds had her surgery.

Her publicist told People, "They got married but they haven't had the wedding celebration." Rounds suffers from desmoid tumors, while O'Donnell's coronary was 99% blocked.

O'Donnell, who came out in 2002 and has been previously married to Kelli Carpenter, wrote in a poem on her blog, "when we r both well enough/ will have the wedding of r dreams/ surrounded by those we cherish/ thankful for the love and support/ so many have given us/ during these trying times/ including all of u stranger-friends/ connected thru invisible strands/ of wi fi."