A Twitter user with about one hundred followers said that Avenue Q star Marty Thomas—who was voted a Broadway Hottie of the Month by gaylifenyc.org earlier this year—has crabs. Chances are you've never heard of Thomas or his alleged condition (which he denies), but now the name Marty Thomas is forever linked with pubic lice!

The Twitter account, @bwayanonymous, was recently shut down, but Thomas wants to know who was behind the smear. So he's taking Twitter to court to get the company to reveal the tweep's identity, and says, "I do not suffer from, nor have I ever suffered from a sexually transmitted disease," according to court papers obtained by the Daily News. The lawsuit argues that the crabs accusation "negatively impacts my reputation and negatively reflects on my business as a professional actor." And Thomas tells the Post, "If it's an opinion about my career, my talent, my personality, I could care less. My skin is thicker than that."

If a judge forces Twitter to reveal the user's identity, it would be a first for the company, but not the internet. In August a judge ordered a website about Elizabeth, Pennsylvania to reveal the I.P. addresses of six mean commenters, and last August a former model successfully sued to force Google to reveal the identity of a Blogger who called her a skank.