Last night an actor was hurt while performing in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, the elaborate Broadway musical that has been cursed since opening. Regarding the latest injury, an attendee from last night said it looked like a trapdoor "completely closed on his leg," while someone in the fourth row said, "I heard screaming. I heard him crying and couldn’t do anything."

The incident occurred at the beginning of the second act. Theatergoer Melissa Kessler told the NY Times, "They brought out a privacy screen and a lot of people on stage started getting things going. A stretcher was brought out, they were using a saw to cut a hole in the stage floor. All we cared about was whether the actor was and would be O.K. We explained it as simply and as carefully as we could to our kids."

Another attendee told WABC 7, "Someone came on the stage, stopped everything. People ran up on the stage, and his foot obviously got caught in one of the elevators, the floor lifts that bring them up to the stage."

The actor, who is one of the nine Spider-Man dancers, was taken to Bellevue Hospital. According to the Daily News, he will "not lose his foot." For theatergoers, the musical will refund their tickets.

The show infamously had numerous injuries during its previews, including the nearly thirty-foot fall of stunt man Christopher Tierney.

Update: Spokesman Rick Miramontez said, "Following last night’s accident at SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark, Daniel Curry remains in the hospital in stable condition having sustained an injury to his foot. Tonight’s performance will go on as scheduled. The technical elements of the show are all in good working order, and we can confirm that equipment malfunction was not a factor in the incident. Our thoughts are with Daniel and his family."