2006_04_arts_acthrd.jpgApparently LVHRD isn't members only anymore, it is still very cryptic though. We just received this email:

ACTHRD: Thespian Royale / Tribeca at 8PM
Flash bulbs will pop
Wear something red, and don't forget your sunglasses

Inside the website, however, things become a bit more clear. ACTHRD is the theme of this party and it is described further as a:

"Thespian Royalé. Lucha Libre meets William Shakespeare. No holds barred!!! Thespian Royalé will take 12 actors (both aspiring and established) and test their skills with a variety of dramatic challenges. Each round will highlight the actors’ dramatic talents and weaknesses in different, carefully calculated ways. A panel of judges will be present to evaluate their performance as they progress through the competition."

Register here if you want to become a member and purchase tickets (members may admit three complimentary guests with each ticket purchase). Then you'll receive these cryptic emails in your own inbox! This event is tonight, and after you register and buy tickets you'll likely get an email or text message as to the exact location.