Shia LaBeouf, potentially burnt out from watching himself onscreen for three days straight, hasn't been in the news much lately, which is sad news for Gothamist's #Shia Slack channel but probably good for his criminal record. Now, he's BACK, baby, and apparently trying to kick his aunt out of her apartment as repayment for a $1 million loan he gave his uncle. Shia :(

As the story goes, Shia's mother's brother, Barry Saide, borrowed $800K from Shia back in 2009, a year that was bad for the economy but decent for the Transformers franchise. Saide never paid Shia back, a move he attributed to having previously lent cash to Shia and his mother over the years.

Shia did not agree, however, and says the loan now totals over $1 million, a number agreed to by the court—to cover it, he's trying to get his aunt Sharon Saide's $2.5M apartment on East 64th Street. Sharon Saide says Barry Saide isn't even listed as an owner of her home, and she's not forking it over, so now they're in the midst of a legal battle.

Anyway, it now makes sense why Shia spent a few nights sleeping at the Angelika.