Well, it had to happen: Sex and the City boytoy Jason Lewis is suing Absolut Vodka for using the fake "Absolut Hunk" ad, created for an episode of SATC, as a real ad. According to AdAge, Lewis has "avoided assignments relating to alcohol, tobacco and guns...and refused work requiring nudity so that he would be taken seriously by the fashion and entertainment industries." Plus, "the "Absolut Hunk" work was not to be used outside of the series without Mr. Lewis' consent and that it was not to be available in magazines or where young children had access"; Absolut had issued a press release and put the image on the website, as well as how to make an Absolut Hunk cocktail, the day after the show aired. Yes, that would be disturbing for a little kid to see the picture - he or she would runny to Mommy or Daddy and say, "Do boys grow Absolut bottles when they get bigger?"

Gothamist suspects that Lewis is looking for a payday, as he might not be getting as much post-SATC work as he wanted. Or he's just sick of people asking him to strip down and pose with the vodka when he goes to bars. Also, Jason Lewis's manager is Dancing Girls Productions. Really! Gothamist posted on how Absolut's ad agency conceived the idea for the spot and how Jason Lewis has love handles.