Absolut Hunk

Ad Age coos over what they think is the most successful product placement this summer: Absolut Vodka's critical role in a Sex and the City plot line between Kim Cattrall and Jason Lewis. No money changed hands, which doesn't surprise Gothamist - you cannot buy publicity like this. Patrick O'Neill, creative director of TBWA/Chiat Day, created the ad, and was "inspired" by seminal pin-up posters of "Farrah Fawcett in a swimsuit and Burt Reynolds on a shaggy rug." Also, TBWA "digitally altered the photo to remove actor Jason Lewis' love handles and to obscure a more graphic view that could be seen behind the bottle." Love handles! Jason Lewis has love handles? They must be imaginary ones.

Check out the larger image of the ad, which was featured in this episode of Sex and the City. The Daily News looks at the Trapeze School of New York. which will be featured in next week's episode of Sex and the City. Right now, classes are booked up at the school, but the school hopes to put a tent over the net so New Yorkers can fly through the air into the winter. Gothamist also covered SATC and the trapeze school.