Funny, we don't see any clothes hereAbercrombie & Fitch had been forcing their employees at retail locations to wear its clothing, and yesterday, they agreed to pay $2.2 million in damages to employees for violating California law. The chief counsel for California's Division of Labor Standards Enforcement said, "Virtually every worker we spoke to informed us that their store manager, their supervisors had been requiring them to wear Abercrombie clothing, and in fact the clothing had to be current with what was being sold that season," while Abercrombie said it had only "encouraged" the staff to purchase A&F clothing with staff discounts. Gothamist applauds the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement for stopping futher perpetration of A&F clothing, but wishes it could expand its reach to America's youth. (Readers, relax, we're not saying "Stop the homoerotic photo shoots.")

This makes Gothamist think back to one company dress code that lasted about two days, in an effort to "manage" the employees. And look less dirty in the elevator, compared to floormates J. Crew.