This week, ABC's World News Tonight has been running segments of "People of the Year" each night this week, and tonight, tonight their focus was bloggers. So, as Gothamist settled in to watch the segment, we saw how Merriam-Webster's chose blog as the word of the year. There was also Xeni Jardin from boingboing giving some commentary (which she alluded to earlier), plus a 11 year-old videoblogger explaining that her blog was about "things that I've seen that I like or that I've heard of, or just anything that happened to me that day that I'm thinking." Exactly! And then, as the B-roll ran of various websites, we saw Gothamist's screen flash up amongst Gawker, kottke, Instapundit, Wonkette, and others! Oh, we love you, Television, we looove you so much! The story touched upon how blogs have been critical in political and other on-location reporting over the year, as well as recent tsunami relief measures, in addition to giving millions of people a way to share their thoughts and feelings. [Time magazine's choice not to make bloggers their People/Person/Thing/Whatever of the Year was noted, but bloggers made it as a list.] Hooray to all of us!

And Gothamist would also like to thank the ABC News producers who have ensured that we can start celebrating New Year's now.