The abandoned houses on Governors Island don't really need any extra bells and whistles, but every so often they're brought to life in a new way (like, that Etsy store). The houses, located on Colonels' Row, are gorgeous in their abandonment, and were once the homes of military families—unlike the Admirals' Row homes in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, they've been better preserved.

This summer, a company called Surprise Industries is transforming one into a "Surprise House," which is like a haunted house but way more precious than scary. While they've been handed the keys to the house already, they're looking to raise funds to "build the dream." The team explains: "Our dream is to transform several barren rooms into the world's first Surprise House—kind of like a haunted house but delightful (and filled with wonder)." And also: free to the public. They aim to make it all happen this August.

One co-founder of Surprise Industries told DNAInfo, "It won’t be like a museum where things are just pretty to look at—it’ll be an actual experience." This means you can expect performances from musicians and... we've already said too much.