A stage production of Harper Lee's timeless 1960 novel To Kill A Mockingbird is headed to Broadway, with a script to be written by walk-and-talk specialist Aaron Sorkin. The news was announced Wednesday by producer Scott Rudin, who confirmed that the show will debut during the 2017-2018 theater season, with Tony winner Bartlett Sher to direct.

Sorkin (whose magnum opus is without a doubt "Dead Irish Writers" from The West Wing's third season) already has a bit of Broadway experience. The Oscar winner penned a stage adaptation of A Few Good Men in 1989 and debuted his original play, The Farnsworth Invention, at The Music Box Theatre in 2007. He and Rudin previously worked together on films including Moneyball, The Social Network, and Steve Jobs.

Lee's novel won her the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1961, has sold over 40 million copies, and is a staple of high school English courses. “‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is one of the most revered pieces of 20th century American literature,” Sorkin told the Times. “It lives a little bit differently in everybody’s imagination in the way a great novel ought to, and then along I come. I’m not the equal of Harper Lee. No one is.” Sorkin told the paper that his new script will feature an opening scene that differs from the book, along with new, original dialogue. It should be really quite something.