Did you know that the 103rd floor of the Empire State Building is not open to the public, but is open to celebrities? The space is very small, with a thin walkway going around it and hardly any barrier separating you from the thin air. The barrier only comes up to one's knees, if that. Yesterday our intrepid photographer Katie Sokoler braved the vertigo-inducing space during a VIP tour of the iconic building... and you won't see photos like this anywhere else, because most of the other press people were too scared to go outside to experience, or document it! For those who want to get a similar view, we're told for some extra cash the general public can visit the 102nd floor, which is closed in and significantly less scary.

The landmark is currently undergoing a more than $550 million renovation, and the ol' gal is looking better than ever. A few improvements, and other tidbits we were told about:

  • People no longer have to wait on line in the basement of the building.
  • There's a new gift shop!
  • Sunbursts are now a theme throughout the building.
  • The color of the employee's uniforms were made specifically to match the color of the marble in the walls.
  • There are large digital screens in the middle of the waiting lines where people can learn about how the building is energy efficient.

If you want a look at the building's past, however, head over here.