Gothamist may have been gearing up for some laughs with Tinkle, but we were not expecting a bag of candy and some Peeps in front of our seats in the upstairs lounge. Of course, Gothamist had to examine what was in the goodie bag and went about extracting all candy from the bag: Pop Rocks, Kit Kat, lollipops, candy Band-Aid, chocolate Easter was like Halloween, but at Easter time. There was also a bag of blue jelly beans that said "It's a Boy." Gothamist surmises that these are leftover from when Jon Benjamin's baby was born - we're getting leftover baby celebration swag. You'll also notice the presence of a small votive candle near the bag. This is critical, because when we put the candy back in the bag, somehow the bag caught fire. Luckily, Gothamist averted a bigger catastrophe that would have prevented the show from going on. Paper bags and low, open flames do not mix well.

Show highlights:
- The show opened up with a video Tinkle hosts having a Passover seder at Popeye's Chicken, complete with biscuits. And Gothamist thought the seders we go to are progressive.
- Todd Barry proclaimed his fondness for Keats and Ode on a Grecian Urn. Jon Benjamin scoffed at "On a Greican Urn" and thought it was "To a Grecian Urn." Todd said it was "on" and Jon said it had to be "to." Repeat four times. As it turned out, Jon should not have questioned Todd's Keatsophilia.
- Sam looks for Easter Eggs The Tinkle hosts announced that there were Easter Eggs hidden all over Pianos, and prizes would be given throughout the evening. The first winner got a DVD of Life Without Dick, a straight-to-video movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Harry Connick Jr., and Johnny David Cross (who ponied up the DVD to the prizes). This news sent Sam into a frenzy to find eggs, if only to get a copy of Life Without Dick. He almost bullied people out of their seats to inspect the cushions. Almost. But as it turned out, in a Tinkle twist, the Easter Eggs were really comedic MacGuffins, with ringers like Demetri Martin and Eugene Mirman (appearing next week) finding eggs.
- The wonderful Sarah Vowell read from one of her books. Hilarious films of Eric and Tim were shown - check out the Cat Film Festival. Slovin and Allen performed a monologue with two people. Seth Morris did a great bit about being jealous of Williamsburg and saying really, if he lived there, he'd have to be web designer with a hot Asian girlfriend. Musician Jim James sang; the Tinkle trio called him Bob Seger-esque.

It's true: Gothamist has been to Tinkle not once, not twice, but three times!