2006_03_26_nytimeswedding.jpg So, it's been a little while since the last time we visited the Times Weddings and Celebrations by the Numbers but today there was no way we couldn't count 'em up. If you opened up the paper today you might have noticed that the familiar face of our very own Jen Chung and her new husband Jay Wilkins were the on top of the list of sixteen non-Vows weddings this week.

From the Paper of Record:

Jennifer Christine Chung was married last night to Jay Patrick Wilkins at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Kaupulehu-Kona, Hawaii. Keith Elliot, a minister of the Church of God, performed the nondenominational ceremony.

And for the record, by the numbers: 29, 40, No NY State Natives, Married Out of State, Columbia, University of Illinois, Couple Photograph Included, No Glasses, Both Teeth Showing, No Bald or Nearly Bald Grooms.

So let's all give a hearty congratulations to Jen and Jay!

And now to the numbers!

Total Number of Weddings: 17
Total Number of Same-Sex Weddings: 0

Average Age of Brides: 32.2 years old
Average Age of Grooms: 34.9 years old
Youngest Bride: 23
Oldest Bride: 55
Youngest Groom: 26
Oldest Groom: 60
Average Age Difference: 4.4 years
Largest Age Difference: 14 years

Number of Older Brides: 3
Number of Older Grooms: 12
Number of Same-Age Couples: 2

Number of Native new Yorkers (State): 13
Number of Non-Native New Yorkers: 21
Number of Weddings Held Instate: 8
Number of Weddings Held Out of State: 9

Number of Previous Marriages That Ended in Divorce: 2
Number of Previous Marriages That Ended in Death: 0

Number of Columbia Graduates Married: 5
Number of Harvard Graduates Married: 4
Number of University of Pennsylvania Graduates Married: 3
Number of NYU Graduates Married: 2
Number of Georgetown Graduates Married: 1
Number of Yale Graduates Married: 1
Number of University of Chicago Graduates Married: 1
Number of Rutgers Graduates Married: 1
Number of McGill Graduates Married: 1
Number of MIT Graduates Married: 1
Number of Brides or Grooms Without A College Degree: 1

Number of Gothamist Editors Married: 1
Number of Children of Former New York Times Editors Married: 1
Number of Newsday Reporters Married: 1
Number of D.C. Communications Directors for Senator Schumer Married: 1
Number of Guggenheim Fellow's Married: 1
Number of Bridegrooms Whose Grandmother Re-landscaped the Rose Garden for Jackie Kennedy: 1

Number of Weddings With Couple Photos: 11
Number of Weddings With Bride Only Photos: 0
Number of Weddings Without Photos: 6
Number of Grooms With Glasses in Photos: 0
Number of Brides With Glasses in Photos: 0
Number of No-Teeth Smiles in Photos: 2 (2 Grooms, 0 Brides)
Number of Bald or Nearly Bald Grooms in Photos: 2

And yes, we got more numbers where these came from...