After being panned by critics for being ugly, the proposed stadium for the Jets has received a makeover. It's smaller and has less mass than the previous design, but the most noticeable difference is a "veil" of glass around the outside. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to help the design much. We kind of think it needs something more ... opaque. Where are those people from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when you need them? Then again, the only Pennington Gothamist could possibly bear in the stadium is Chad Pennington.

Despite the changes, neighborhood groups and civic were not impressed, calling it a "minor cosmetic change." With the changes, the price tag for the Jets is expected to balloon to $1 billion from $800 million. That's on top of city and state contributions of $300 million each. Damn, construction in New York ain't cheap. See more renderings at Curbed. And if anyone can understand the cockamamie ways the MTA and Jets are (separately) appraising the value of the land, let us know.

Rendering via AP/HO-New York Jets