via The Tree's Instagram, naturally.

The body is cold, so the grieving period is over! Behold, the 74-foot Norway Spruce serving as this year's Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, is now propped up in Manhattan, where it will remain through January 7th. The tree was donated by the Keller/Crawford family in rural Pennsylvania, and lived there for 75 years before the tree-barren city folk came and stole it for their own holiday amusement.

Soon, it be adorned with 30,000 LEDs on 5 miles of wire, and a Swarovski Star, to be unveiled by actress Olivia Wilde on November 16th. Then, on November 30th, Rockefeller Center will become a complete yuletide clusterf*ck, when the tree is lit, as Justin Bieber serenades it with a song from his new Christmas album. Just like the old days when the Depression was going on and we decorated the tree with tin cans and hummed "Baby Baby Baby."