Now here's an idea that we can get behind. With the renovation of Segment 3 of the Hudson River Park a bunch of things along the water had to be temporarily displaced. That includes the 19-year-old River Project which was previously located at the end of Pier 26. But don't fret, it's not like they've just sitting around twiddling their thumbs until they can move back to their home. Oh, no. They've been given a bit of space by the Hudson River Park Trust that is located right next to Stuyvesant High School and they are now trying to make it into City Fish, "a temporary, modular outdoor aquarium exhibit." Which sounds pretty dope to us. A few more details:

Designed with sweeping windows, the aquarium will allow passersby to observe native New York Harbor fish, invertebrates and seaweed from outside, although visitors could also step inside the 1,000-square-foot structure, which might open to the public as soon as next summer. Greenery will cascade down from the rooftop and decorate the ground level as well.

City Fish still needs to jump through a few more hurdles before it can become a reality (the River Project just submitted a $1 million cultural enhancement grant proposal to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation) but in the meantime we are so for it (in case you hadn't guessed). A mini-aquarium on Chambers street just strikes us as a really awesome way to teach people about what is going on in our wonderful harbor. If we were in charge of the LMDC they would so get their grant...