David Bowie has been honored by New Yorkers with renamed street signs, free film screenings, public shrines, late night tributes, his own official day, and of course, an impromptu performance by NYC's favorite Irish singer. And now you can add this subtle Manhattan tribute, spotted by a Redditor at 42 Bond Street, to the list. It ch-ch-ch-ch-changes as you move past it!


This tribute is located between Bowery and Lafayette, a few blocks away from Bowie's apartment on Lafayette Street. There was a similar tribute to Steve Jobs at that location after he died in 2013. The Wooster Collective put a video up of it:

There also is a Bowie tribute wall in the East Village at 2nd and Houston:

Bowie Tribute, 2nd & Houston #DavidBowie

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Everywhere you look, there might be something that reminds you of Bowie: