Here's an interesting street art story: about a month ago, we noticed that someone was defacing Swoon posters around the city with the words "Sold to MoMa"-- a reference to her recent inclusion in a print exhibit at the museum:


Many people in the streetart community were offended by that stencil, as Swoon is highly regarded as a talented and hard-working artist. Soon, a number of the "Sold to MoMa" stencils were turned into "Soldier for Nomads". This one was spotted by GammaBlog:


Eventually, Swoon herself heard about the controversy, and decided to redo one of the defaced murals. Visual Resistence reports:

Since Swoon didnt like the old mural at this site very much, the recent criticism was enough of a push and excuse for us to put up a new mural! It was a great afternoon putting this up. Most people walking by were worried that we were just painting over the old one. There was an great response by folks when we told them that we were replacing it. All around it was a great time with a warm response from folks in the neighborhood.

You can see the new mural on Rivington just east of Norfolk-- right near Schillers. It's great! Here's a picture of Swoon hard at work on it: