Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist

As we learned during the frigid months of February, Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 2 is getting a pool of its own. That pool will be opening today once Marty Markowitz gets over there to cut the ribbon. We took a look from the Brooklyn Promenade this morning, and wondered: why didn't they add an accompanying adult-sized pool next to the glorified kiddie pool, which is only 3.5-feet deep? And how grimy will the pool get, given that there's only a few shipping containers separating it from the churning traffic on the BQE?

We've got someone on the scene at the press conference for the 2nd most important public pool opening of our time, and will report back with more details, and hopefully some answers.

Until then... Godspeed lifeguards, we hear those Brooklyn Heights toddlers get cranky if they haven't had their babyccinos in the morning.