We stopped by the Brooklyn Navy Yard Museum earlier today, which will be open to the public tomorrow. Unsurprisingly the press release heralding the opening starts off by declaring that 300 (and eventually 2,000) local jobs have been created as part of the development of the space, which has long been closed off. While many preservationists and locals would like to see Admiral's Row stay, the city is moving forward by developing the land and eventually opening a supermarket. But let's ease in to this with the museum, shall we?

President Andrew Kimball cut the ribbon today on BLDG 92, a $25 million exhibition and visitors center that documents the historic significance of the 300-acre Brooklyn Navy Yard, and announced new hiring commitments from Navy Yard tenants. Over the coming year, tenants including Steiner Studios, Shiel Medical Laboratories, B&H Photo, Duggal Visual Solutions, Cumberland Packing, Ares Printing and Mercedes Distribution have agreed to work with the Navy Yard’s expanded employment program—to be housed in BLDG 92—to place over 300 local residents in new jobs.

Mayor Bloomberg spoke about the historic area, saying, “Brooklyn Navy Yard is our city’s flagship industrial park, and a true economic success story. As BLDG 92 shows, the Navy Yard has long been a major employer in our city. That’s still true today, with some 6,000 people working at the Navy Yard, and will still be true for many years to come, with the ongoing expansion and these new commitments expected to bring up to 2,000 more jobs here over the next two years.”

On our visit to the museum this morning, Deputy Director Aileen Chumard showed us around, pointing out that the third floor will house a rotating exhibit, which is currently a show on photojournalism (above that is a cafe run by Brooklyn's Ted & Honey). Also, the museum brochures have barcodes on them for a scavenger hunt, with the museum housing 18 scan sections! Now, click through for a look at the old artifacts they've gathered.

Additional reporting by Meryl Cates.