Today's snow making spotted from a rooftop. (Photo by Liz C.)

Once a year, whether Mother Nature provides or not, a section of Central Park is transformed into a winter wonderland with snow making machines for Winter Jam. Last year they even turned on the machines during a blizzard. And this year, the snow making has already begun—reader Liz C. spotted it today and sent along this beautiful shot taken from her enviable rooftop.

The event will take place January 24th, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Bandshell Area. The event (put on by NYC Parks, Lake Placid, I Love NY, and I Ski NY) promises "the ultimate snow day: a free winter sports festival for New Yorkers of all ages! Our partners at Gore Mountain will blow lots of fresh snow in the heart of Manhattan, so there will be plenty for all to enjoy!"

You'll be able to throw snoballs in the snow field, go snowshoeing, take skiing and snowboarding lessons, go sledding, and go kicksledding. There will also be a Taste NY Winter Market where you can acquire some winter padding.