2007_05_arodcrod.jpgAfter the Post went for the jugular with its "Stray-Rod" cover, the floodgates of gossip about the Yankees third baseman (and the leading vote-getter for the All-Star Game so far) have opened.

The Daily News talks to some strippers and "strip club insiders" about A-Rod preferences. He allegedly followed one "well-toned, muscular" stripper named Monique from the VIP Club to the Hustler Club. However, another Hustler Club stripper says that Rodriguez would bring wife Cynthia many times: "She's very pretty. I'd rather dance for her any day." Of course, that stripper was not A-Rod's type and only danced for him once in the champagne room; she says he "likes the she-male muscular type." Well, C-Rod is certainly toned - and they did meet at a gym.

"A-Rod is known as the king of the strip clubs," a source said. "He gives the girls his number to meet somewhere else later on."

He also goes to a private social club in Chelsea that fronts as a poker club but also hosts wild, after-hours sex romps, a source said.

Some claimed Rodriguez even shoots X-rated text messages to his favorite strippers across the country.

"He loves to text dirty," said a strip club insider. "His wife should check his messages."

The Post suggests that the blond he was seen with in Toronto may be the same one he's been seen with in Dallas, Seattle, and Las Vegas. A-Rod told reporters that he will not be distracted by this hullbaloo. As for how the fans feel, their feelings are mixed: One told the Post "I think he ought to concentrate on hitting the ball rather than hitting on other women," but another said, "To be honest, I'm a dog of a guy, and it made me like him a little bit more." Well, what do you think?

And Cynthia Rodriguez was seen leaving their Park Avenue apartment yesterday, with bags, and neighbors say the couple has been less lovey-dovey. But her father told the press, "We think he's a great guy. We support him 100 percent. He loves his wife. He loves his family. The press is making something out of nothing."