Late last year, The New York Times Theater section took over the Shuttle train between Times Square and Grand Central. The train, which Kathryn Yu caught, was made to look like a Broadway theater including doors between cars that were "backstage", car ceilings that looked like a theater ceiling, but the best might be how the seats in the subway look like theater seats.

What's next for the Shuttle? It's been a Broadway theater, Middle Earth for Lord of the Rings, and had a western motif for Deadwood. Perhaps a Warriors car (graffiti, gang members, pee smelling cars), Winter Olympics car (scantily clad figure skater types, fake snow, and masking agents), or a London tourism tube ("please mind the gap," bad teeth and cool accents, police officers in British constable hats, running around with clubs saying "oy oy oy.").

Photo by Kathryn Yu