Gothamist was thinking that this dog that made its way from Connecticut to Manhattan via the Metro North was our kind of dog, but as it turns out, everyone thinks so. The Post follows up its story of a 35 pound mutt, named Metro, by saying that the animal shelter where he was taken after his Christmas Eve trip has been inundated with calls. Metro, who was not wearing tags, reportedly was hanging around the Old Greenwich, CT station, somehow getting on a train, exiting at Riverside but getting back on to "calmly" walk off at the Harlem 125th Street stop. This dog is so smart, knowing that New York is only place to be. Plus, animal control says, "He's extremely social. He's a ham, he flirts and he loves cookies." That's just like Gothamist. Well, at least the loving cookies part. Animal control is hoping that his owner will call, but if no one claims Metro in a week, he'll be put up for adoption. Gothamist wonders if his makeshift leash of orange plastic strips for sealing off hazardous areas, fashioned by Metro North personnel, will go with him.