Interior of the Santiago Calatrava designed transit hub; Photo: Port Authority


The designs for the new downtown transit hub were unveiled and New York swoons for designer Santiago Calatrava. Ethereal and gorgeous, this design must, in our opinion, go beyond the Port Authority's wildest desires to make the new transit hub like Grand Central, it seems to welcome as well as inspire with the 150 foot canopied wings that rise up "like a bird's wings." What helps is that the interior spaces are filled with light, even going down to the train platforms. Calatrava said the building's themes are "a new world, life, flight and hope," and he's certainly given New York that with this design.

Mayor Bloomberg said about the design, "'Wow' is the first word that's just got to come to your mind. That's what New York's future really is, not just coming back, but coming back even better." Governor Pataki weighed in, "It is spectacular, something that will not only be a practical transit hub ... but it will be a tribute to those we lost."

More photographs of what the new transit hub will look like.