2006_01_freyoprah.jpgYesterday, Oprah Winfrey admitted she made a mistake (gasp!) and took James Frey and his publisher, Nan A. Talese, to task for making her look foolish on her show. Yes, Oprah defended the readers' right to know if something peddled as truth is false, but mainly, Oprah was ashamed that she had embarrassed herself by defending A Million Little Pieces. [You can order the tape and/or transcript that amazing hour of televsion here.] Gothamist then realized that in fact, our own Josh Abraham had spoken to Frey for an interview last year! Check out these answers from June 14, 2005:

I think most people would be shocked to discover that the David Schwimmer romantic comedy Kissing a Fool came from the same gritty memoirist they've read. How do you creatively reconcile such diverse work?

I got paid to write Kissing a Fool, and it was movie money, made from working on those types of films, that allowed me to write a book. No different than working any type of job while trying to work on something better.

How do you connect (or disconnect) with gruesome details of your past when writing? Is it temporal distance or emotional separation -- or something else -- that gives you the proper perspective when describing past pains?
I try to keep a distance from the events, which helps me write about them more honestly and more fairly. I also have no desire to connect, or re-connect, to most the feelings involved. Neither book was cathartic to write, nor did I want them or expect them to be.

Are you tired of journalists asking if you regret any past comments?
Most of the journalists who ask about it haven't checked to see what I actually said. Answering questions about shit I didn't say is a pain in my ass.

James Frey really did victimize all of us - right now, Thompson the cat is having an explosive case of diarrhea all over My Friend Leonard. Gothamist would like Oprah to personally remove the "Oprah's Book Club" sticker from every single book out there - she can wear her Valentino and diamond rocks, but we want her elbow-to-elbow with Barnes and Noble staffers. No word on whether or not James Frey had to be protected from rabid Oprah fans.

Did you watch the Oprah episode? What did you think? Also, we expect to see this as a Law & Order Criminal Intent episode. And Gawker on James Frey - we saw the Anderson Cooper 360 segment on the scandal last night, and is Larry King annoying!

Update: Blog NYC has clips of the show - check 'em out.