Corky St. ClaireThese go to eleven. - Nigel Tufnel in This is Spinal Tap

Gothamist enjoyed Elvis Mitchell's piece about Christopher Guest in yesterday's Times because if there's one that we all need more of, it's generous-hearted satire. Guest was one of the masterminds behind This is Spinal Tap (besides playing Nigel Tufnel), and he wrote and directed Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show.

Jen was once in an elevator with Christopher Guest; he asked what she thought of his seersucker suit was. Jen said it reminded her of Matlock . Jen was just being honest and not snarky, but Christopher Guest said, "That's not a good thing, I take it."

His next movie, A Mighty Wind is about the world of folk singing and opens on Wednesday, April 16.
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