Hudson Yards, opening wide to the public today, is the largest private real estate development in American history. And, this being the Age of Instagram, naturally the vast complex of shops and restaurants, residences and offices, parks and performance venues also needs its very own immersive art installation. And so we have the unfortunately named "Snark Park."

Created by the cheeky designers of Snarkitecture, a New York-based, decade-old design firm that specializes in pop-ups and site-specific installations, Snark Park is located on the second floor of the mammoth Hudson Yards mall, sandwiched between a Cartier and a Lululemon. The entire space is the size of a modest store, and is fronted by a Kith Treats soft serve ice cream stand. Snarkitecture plans on rotating the exhibitions here every few months, starting today with the many-columned and extremely color-free "Lost and Found."

There's something you should know, though, before plunking down your $28 for admission. Unlike all the other photo-friendly installations we've been to over the past few years, there is only a single room at Snark Park—except for the secret room, which is empty, on the other side of the two-way mirror on the back wall. Also, while you wait on line to get in you can watch a kind of automatic crane game involving cute octopuses (which you can buy at the gift shop). But really, this is very much a one-trick funhouse.

"Lost and Found" features dozens of white columns, some of which have been hollowed out or otherwise messed with—for example, some are lined with disco ball mirrors, or fur, or craggy-surfaced styrofoam packing material. You can enter or sit upon most of these, obviously getting a selfie while you're there. This seems to be the entire point, after all.

Two of the walls in the room are mirrored, creating some interesting angles, and the back of the space is all windows, with a dramatic view of the Vessel. And that's it! That's Snark Park. Exit through the gift shop.

Snark Park is located on the second floor of the Hudson Yards mall, which has entrances at both 33rd and 30th Streets and 10th Avenue. Admission is $28 for adults, $22 for kids, and advance, timed-entry tickets are recommended.