Tomorrow night will mark David Letterman's 30th year anniversary in late night television, though not always with the same network. He started out as the host of NBC's Late Night With David Letterman on February 1st, 1982, and left a little over a decade when he made his shift over to CBS in 1993. According to the Late Show's executive producer Rob Burnett, the milestone may be mentioned on tomorrow night's show, "but I don’t see an extravaganza coming to fruition. Dave has never been super comfortable drawing a lot of attention to himself." Howard Stern is a guest on the show tomorrow night, who Burnett refers to as "a kindred spirit with Dave."

So if Letterman isn't going to promise an anniversary special complete with a retrospective on his long career, the least we can do is take a look back ourselves. Here are some more of the unexpected moments, like the time Jerry Garcia and Dave did a little duet, or when Hunter S. Thompson paid the host a visit. Or, you know, that time Letterman did a whole "1980s bachelor" photo shoot at his home in Westchester for photographer Susan Wood. Click through, click play, and enjoy!

Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman

Hunter S. Thompson in 1988

A Jerry Garcia/David Letterman music collaboration, in 1982

Madonna on Letterman in 1994, count the number of times she says "fuck"

And with Sandra Bernhard in 1988

Drew Barrymore flashes Letterman in 1995