With cameras in tow, Gothamist went to the Penthouse Executive Club to check out the 2005 Penthouse Pet of Year Party. With developments like the Executive Club, Hustler, and Scores West Side on the West Side, one wonders why there is any need for a West Side Stadium at all! Gothamist Interviewee and sex doctor, Victoria Zdrok, was the outgoing pet of the year, ceding the Martina Warren.

Little did we know that we would end up without coats after checking our coats in at the coat check. Strange how that works. A coat check that misplaces coats. It's not like we were wearing a fur coat that needed to be tossed out the window. We have expectations for several hours in the champagne room as compensation. Almost 16 hours later, we are happy to find out that our coats have been found. Kudos to management for finding our items.

Some more pictures at Bluejake and Tien's site if you're so inclined, and Gothamist on the West Side clubs.