Even though it's just a fleeting glimpse of a trenchcoat, be assured, it's Richard Belzer, a.k.a. Detective John Munch from Law & Order: Special Victims' Unit and Homicide: Life on the Streets, the most brilliant cop show of the 1990s (L&O is a cop and lawyer show) – you can take your NYPD Blue and shove it. This photograph of Mr. Belzer was taken by Adam, who tells us the actor–comedian had been at Coliseum Books in midtown. Adam is the proprietor of the illustrious Slice, where the diligent pizza blogging/tracking rivals only whatever is at Domino's or Pizza Hut headquarters. Many thanks.

And a little tidbit for you Mariska Hargitay fans: She'll pony up $1,000 so her boyfriend can fly first class with her (although she will freak out that he wasn't in first class to begin with).