Lisa LingMaybe it was because Barbara Walters and her posse actually hired a Chinese girl once before, but now I sort of feel motivated to try out to be the fifth host on The View. The other day the Post reported The View has started looking again. Lisa Ling was pretty damn annoying, and I know I could be just as annoying...or at least hyper. My strengths: I can be straight or sassy at company parties. I know lots of stuff (not very well, but lots of stuff nonetheless). I'm just not married or engaged, which can be easily remedied (Choire - let's say it together: sham marriage and registry). I
Jen don't have on-camera experience, but I have worked off-camera in a newsroom. My ethnicity might be a strike against me, as they might be tired of Asians, but I've been told I'm rather Jewish...wait, Joy Behar is the Jewish one in the group. Curses!

When I was little, I used to emulate Dan Rather. It almost explains things now.