Israel Kamikawiwo'ole I was watching the end of the ER episode where Dr. Mark Greene is dying in Hawaii. I didn't bother seeing it when it first aired last season - I thought it jumped the shark when the creators tried to get Drs. Carter and Lewis together - not buying it. Anyway, at the end of during Greene's last hurrah, ukelele strumming of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" began and then a male voice sang a lovely arrangement of the song. I found out this rendition is by Israel Kamikawiwo'ole, a Hawaiian artist who died in 1997. There are a few tributes to him, he seems to have a passionate base of fans. The song is on one of his CDs but has been used in a few movies, including Meet Joe Black and Finding Forrester. Television Without Pity tells me that it was also used in an eToys commercial, reminding me that I am a sap.